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Since 2008, Designtech Studio has focused on creating unique and one-of-a-kind websites for our clients that integrate our award-winning design and development expertise with features and functionality of Adobe Business Catalyst (BC). Every client we work with has different needs for their business. By implementing Adobe Business Catalyst in a smart and effective way, we can achieve our clients' visions and goals for their online businesses.

Adobe BC Showcases Designtech Studio Websites

Adobe Business Catalyst Showcases Designtech Studio

In spring of 2010, Adobe BC created a showcase video of one of our website projects called Mondo Zen. In the video, our aesthetically pleasing interface design and our integration of BC tools are highlighted and explained. Take a look at the Adobe BC video of Mondo Zen website below. More about this showcase and news can be found on our blog.

Take a look at the video on Adobe Business Catalyst website:

Visit: Adobe Business Catalyst Showcase of Mondo Zen

Websites of the Month by Adobe Business Catalyst

January 2011 - Acupuncture Herbal Healing
Adobe Business Catalyst Website of the Month

Acupuncture Herbal Healing website for Matthew Wagner, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Boulder Colorado was chosen as a Top 3 Adobe BC websites of the Month in January of 2011.  This website features beautiful website interface with useful information about Chinese Medicine and health through use of blog posts and informational pages.  See the case studies of Acupuncture Herbal Healing website and Top 3 Business Catalyst websites of the month on our blog post

July 2010 - Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill
Adobe Business Catalyst Website of the Month

Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill website was featured in July of 2010 as an ecommerce website top website of the month by Adobe Business Catalyst. See the case studies of Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill ecommerce website and Top 3 BC websites of the month on our blog post.  This project included logo design, business card design, booth sign design, and ecommerce website. 

Adobe Business Catalyst Partner Interview

April 2011 - Interview by BC Gurus

Designtech Studio, Inc. was interviewed by Brent Weaver from BC Gurus, an organization helping BC Partners master their BC skills.  View video interview of Sumiyo Amano, owner and creative director of Designtech Studio, Inc. talk about her background in design, involvement with Adobe Business Catalyst, and more!

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