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Realty Yield

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Project Description:

Realty Yield is an independent provider of investment real estate services, strategies, information, and advice, from experts you can trust. We are the best, complete, one-stop resource for assisting the private real estate investor in creating lasting wealth through income-producing real estate.  Mike Carlson, the founder of Realty Yield contacted Designtech Studio to redesign and develop the new website.  The website is developed on Adobe Business Catalyst platform and is a responsive website.  It includes all the functionality Realty Yield needs to showcase the successes and share the knowledge and expertise the firm has acquired over the years.  

Services & Features:

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Home page of the Realty Yield website. The page includes rotating images and text that brings visitors to internal sections such as services, results, and contact pages. The latest real estate success stories are featured on the home page. Latest blogs and author info is also present.
Services page of Realty Yield website. The services section is broken down into multiple real estate service sub categories.
Real estate transactions including mortgage, brokerage, and IRC 1031 exchange are listed in the results section of the site. This section allows Realty Yield to showcase the amount of transactions and successes the firm has in the industry.
The success stories section showcases case studies of Realty Yield real estate clients.
Client testimonials are a-must-have for any service oriented company website. For more details on clients successes, Realty Yield has also created a section for Success Stories.

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