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Incorporating MP3 audio player with Adobe Business Catalyst Web Apps

Recently, I was asked by one of my clients, Mondo Zen, to incorporate their audio recordings into the website with an easy-to-use MP3 player.  The client is tech savvy and understands the technology and the content management system (CMS) that is integrated into the Mondo Zen website.  And they wanted to use that skill to update these MP3 Player files.  Designtech Studio, Inc. added a new feature using Adobe Business Catalyst Web Apps to upload the MP3 files, add titles, and descriptions for each file.  The result was a user-friendly MP3 player that works perfectly.  The audio player we ended up using for the site is Adobe Flash player.  Unfortunately, Flash players do not work on iPhones, so we created a link for these audio files to be played on Quicktime player, which is an Apple audio and video player. 

MP3 Audio Player on Mondo Zen

Now, the client can record workshops, interviews, retreat sessions, and Dharma talks, then go directly to the Adobe Business Catalyst Web Apps to enter the content and publish it to the live site.  If the content needs to be secured and only be accessed by registered members of the site, the client has to select the particular membership and it is secured with a simple step! 

Take a look at the new Mondo Zen's audio player and MP3 recordings.


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