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Medicine Grove Madison Wisconsin Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic

Madison Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Logo Having recently returned from post-graduate internships in Taiwan, Matthew Wagner, LAc, owner of Madison Acupuncture Herbal, found himself trying to create a new business in a brand new community. As a new business, Madison Acupuncture Herbal needed to both define itself conceptually as a business and clinic, and create a marketing tool to drive sales. Practically speaking, Matthew needed branding to turn his business concept into a business reality, and a website with a robust platform that could translate this branding into sales by maximizing visibility and driving marketing.

To create the appropriate feel for the branding of the clinic, we drew imagery from the surrounding area, incorporating themes and colors found in both the city scape, (notably the Capital Building); the University of Wisconsin, (which influenced the color choice); and the environment of Madison’s picturesque lake system, public spaces, and distinctive buildings. The final logo conjures the image of the Capital, which is the most visually striking building, and arguably, the focal point of the city, and marries this with an image of a pestle and mortar; an herbalists tools of the trade. Lastly, the color of the logo is a similar red as is used in the University of Wisconsin at Madison’s logo. The effect is to create a distinctly original logo, which is instantly recognizable, combing the most notable aspects of the city, the culture, and the owner’s line of work. It is from this logo that we draw the color theme for the rest of the site.

To drive marketing for a new business, the Adobe Business Catalyst platform provides Matthew with a blog to address the specific needs and topics of the city, and generate direct interest in the clinic. As his patient base grows, Matthew has BC tools at hand to manage all of the new customers, from “customer management tools”, to direct e-mail marketing. Those patients that have fallen out of care are kept in the loop, (and closer to treatment), with e-Newsletters and sales announcements, and e-coupons that reflect the needs of the community.

As a new business, not only does the Madison Acupuncture Herbal website capture the essence and feel of the city, while showcasing the clinic, it also provides Matthew with easy to use, cost-effect marketing solutions to generate and maintain clients.


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