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Using Quick Reference QR Code in Your Website and Marketing Material

Cell phone users in Japan rely heavily on a technology called QR Codes (Quick Reference Codes) in their daily life.  The cell phones equipped with scanning capabilities such as a built-in cameras can quickly scan the bar-code image that include small boxes and lines representing all types of information.  This QR code technology was invented by Toyota automobile company in mid 1990s to easily and quickly scan parts and manufacturers information in their factories.  QR codes quickly became popular among the Japanese public, especially the mobile users due to ease of use.  DoCoMo, a large cell phone network provider in Japan spread this QR technology across Japan.  Since then, the use of this technology spans from instantly receiving information about upcoming events, URLs, contact information, product information and more. 

Instead of entering the data into your contacts list on your cell phone or on the computer, QR code technology lets you scan the information and instantly have the data translated to your smart phones or other devices.  iPhone has numerous QR code readers and scanners for free through the iPhone Apps.  The one that I like the most is called Bakodo (Barcode pronounced Japanese-style).  Download the scanner for free and try the QR code below! 

Yup, it's that easy.  And this type of QR codes can be printed on your business cards, greeting cards, event announcements, posters, billboards, and so much more!  Take a look at the use of a QR code image on a billboard design purely done in QR code.  

The usage of this QR code technology can be very effective and useful.  At Designtech Studio, we like technology that is simple, easy-to-use, effective, and functional.  Try it out for yourself!

Let us know where you've seen this technology being used effectively in your area.  I will be writing a post on how to get this useful technology on your business promotion on my upcoming blog post. 


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